Lake Association

Why Join Bungay Associates, Inc.?
What do you get for your annual dues?
What does your Board of Directors do for you?

  • Six volunteers who focus year-round on the Mission Statement above
  • Water quality monitoring, testing and reporting
  • Native and non-native weed monitoring and investigation
  • Access to NALMS – North American Lake Management Society
  • Access to COLAP – Congress of Lakes & Ponds
  • Coordination of Hydro-Raking every other year
  • Administration of our water safety program – SAFE (Safety Awareness From Education
  • Education on Lake Management Techniques
  • Administration of
  • Coordination of 4th of July Boat Parade
  • Coordination of annual “Lights Around The Lake”
  • Continuous monitoring of property values
  • Ongoing lakeshore and bridge clean-up efforts
  • Management of Association funds for future lake efforts
  • Manage Winter Drawdown and water quantity issues
  • Place/remove shallow water buoys around lake
  • Schedule/organize annual lake meeting with guest speakers
  • Educate on Bungay Lake Watershed issues
  • Investigate lake pollution comments / complaints
  • Coordinate with local lake leaders on lake management issues
  • Communicate to lake residents with lake news and issues
  • Provide consultation with individual homeowners on proper lakefront living techniques
  • Work with local companies for advice & discount services

What have you done for your lake lately?