Are there any weed problems?

Bungay Lake has several varieties of aquatic plants. In general, the native varieties such as shoreline Valisenaria or eelgrass is a healthy part of the lake eco-system. They provide buffers from incoming nutrients, shelter for fish and food for water foul. Non-native plants such as Fanwart and Milfoil are intrusive, spread rapidly by fragmentation and can choke out lakes very quickly. Every other year, the Board organizes a hydro-raking service to individual homeowners who wish to clear weeds and sediment from their lake frontage. Call any Board member for details.

One thought on “Are there any weed problems?

  1. we have a lot of weed cuttings floating onto our shoreline at 42 Carlson Road. This happens every year, it seems somebody is dumping their lawn cuttings. Can you help us stop it? thanks
    Bill and Judith Jobin
    508 695 6601

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