What can I do to help protect the lake?

Lakes have fragile eco-systems and require all residents to do their share to protect against nutrient overload, eutrophication, and the spread of non-native weeds. You can help by doing the following:

  • Maintain a 20- foot buffer zone of natural vegetation (wild grasses, groundcover, etc.) between the shoreline and your home. This acts as a filter, capturing nutrients that would enter the lake from run-off.
  • Reduce or eliminate the areas of turf grasses or lawns. Lawns require fertilizers, attract geese and do not make a good buffer zone. Besides, this is lake life…save “weekend mowing” for people in the suburbs!
  • Rake all fragments of weeds from your shoreline on a regular basis and dispose of properly. These fragments are how non-native weeds reproduce. When left drifting, they will fall to the bottom and take root.
  • Have your septic system pumped/checked on a regular basis, at least every other year.
  • Do not feed the wild ducks, geese, and/or swans on a regular basis. This activity is unhealthy for them and has health consequences for people as well. Feeding the ducks and geese can make them dependent on us for food, a source that isn’t as healthy for them as native plants and foods. It can also unnaturally increase their population numbers, and cause them to stop migrating. This winds up being bad for us when large groups of non-migratory waterfowl cause swimmer’s itch or fecal contamination. These large groups can also contribute phosphorus to the lake through their feces, sometimes causing algae blooms. So remember, let the wildlife be wild!
  • Request a copy of the “Your Lake and You” publication from the Board. This is a great guide to lakefront ownership.
  • How do you know if the ice is safe? Check the ice chart…

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