Chapter 91

On May 2nd, 1996, a letter was received from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (Department of Environmental Protection, One Winter Street, Boston, Ma 02108, 617- 292-5500) addressed to the North Attleboro Board of Selectmen. They were asked whether or not Bungay Lake was considered a “great pond” and therefore had to comply to Chapter 91 Regulations (the registering of all docks, retaining walls, etc.)

The following was their response:

“Dear Sir/Madame:

The Department of Environmental Protection, Waterways Regulation Program is responsible for administering and enforcing M.G.L. Chapter 91. Recently, the Program completed an initial review of maps and documents relating to Great Ponds of the Commonwealth. A Great Pond is a lake or pond which was ten acres or more in it’s natural state.

As a result of our preliminary findings, we have determined that there are no Great Ponds within your municipality. However, should anyone have evidence that a Great Pond does lie within the boundaries of your municipality, we will revise the draft list to include that pond.


Jill E. Provencal, Cartographer, Waterways Regulation Program”
Thanks to all who got involved!

P.S. These findings have nothing to do with Boat Registration! Regulations by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts require registration for all vessels equipped with propulsion. This is enforced by the Massachusetts Environmental Police (as you may have seen!). The Board strongly recommends complying to these regulations. Please call us with any questions.

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