S.A.F.E Program

S.A.F.E. stands for Safety Awareness From Education
– Program Established April 13, 1999 –

Program Mission:
S.A.F.E. is an educational program designed to ensure the personal safety of all that use and enjoy Bungay Lake.

Program Purpose:
To educate Bungay lake residents on water Safety issues and provide a process to monitor, track and escalate safety incidents.

The S.A.F.E. Program applies to all residents and non-residents that use the lake for recreational purposes.

Program Objectives:
Educate existing and new residents on Recreational Safety Issues through a variety of materials.
Provide a single point contact (Program Director) for residents to report safety incidents.
Provide a process to escalate multiple safety incidents through the proper channels.

Program Director:
A S.A.F.E. Program Director will be elected at the annual meeting to a yearly term. The Director will be responsible for all aspects of the program as described below.

Program Director Functions:
Periodically provide all Lake Residents with updated Bungay Lake Safety rules and regulations as well as Massachusetts Boating safety Laws. Update rules and regulations as necessary. Provide laminated copies for boat storage.
Provide all NEW lake residents/renters with above rules within 30 days of move-in date.
Work in conjunction with Environmental Police in regards to Boating Laws and violation process.
Provide All Lake Residents with the name and number of Program Director to allow reporting of safety incidents.
Create and manage “Safety Log” which is designed to track safety calls and incidents reported by residents. Log shall contain the following minimum information: Date reported, reported by, incident description, boat registration # (if known), name of accused & action taken (w/dates).
Safety log will also be used to track-reported thefts and other miscellaneous safety issues.
Report summaries of safety log periodically through newsletter and yearly at annual meeting.

To Report Safety Incidents:
Dale Tessier was elected at the annual meeting as the S.A.F.E. Program Directors for 2012/2013. Please call Dale at (508) 962-1573 to report any and all safety related incidents.

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