Organic Lawn Fertilizer

The following article is excerpted from the Lake Maspenock News, February 1997, Issue

Lake Community Fertilizer
Although I enjoy landscaping and take pride in my green lawn, the fact that I too could be contributing to the proliferation of the weed scourge concerned me and I was looking for alternatives. In the past I had used an organic fertilizer (I 5-3-7) which was lower in phosphorous than the traditional commercial brand, and due to its slow release capabilities, necessitated less frequent use.

What I learned from Gerry Smith (Aquatic Control Technologies) was that there is an available lake-friendly fertilizer that is phosphorous free(l”-5), 1-5% nitrogen, 0% phosphorous, and 5% potash. One pound of phosphorous can result in over 10,000 lbs. wet weight of weeds and algae growth. Most lawn fertilizers contain 5 to 15% phosphorous or 2.5 to 7.5 lbs. per 50 lb. bag. It doesn’t take too many pounds of phosphorous to encourage and support excessive weed and algae growth.

Of the total nitrogen In Lake Community Fertilizer, 50% is of the slow release formulation which will feed your lawn for 2-3 months. Two applications, one in early spring, and a second in the fall, will provide adequate “greening power” for nearly every lawn. A 50-lb. bag of Lake Community Fertilizer will cover approximately 7500 sq. ft. of lawn area. Most established lawns require little, if any, phosphorous if proper soil pH is maintained by the addition of lime.

As Gerry noted, the only significant benefit of phosphorous is for root development in a new lawn. In summation, using Lake Community fertilizer is a contribution that you can make that helps the lake and your lawn. -Aquatic Control Technology, Inc. is willing to provide LMPA members (…also BLA members…) with Lake Community Fertilizer at a cost of $21.75 for a 50-lb. bag. However, Gerry needs an LMPA order of ten or more bags. Please join me in the fight against weed infestation on our lake.

Dave Gibbs (LMPA)

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