Nutrient Overload Tips

What Can I Do To Help Protect Our Lake from nutrient overload?
Any activity that reduces the input of phosphorus and sediment erosion into a lake is good; any activity that increases these inputs is bad. List below are activities YOU can do to help reduce phosphorus and sediment inputs.

  1. Have your septic system pumped out at least every other year or whenever the sludge level exceeds one-third of the tank capacity.
  2. Maintain your septic system properly. Be sure your system is designed to handle the load it receives. A system should be increased in size when-ever the frequency (seasonal to year-round) or volume (additional people, washing machines, etc.) of use increases. Keep products that cannot be broken down out of the system.
  3. Check your leach field for soft or wet areas or septic smells. Replace faulty systems.
  4. Do not use phosphorus containing detergents when you bathe, shampoo, or wash boats, pets or other objects in the lake. Do not wash automobiles near the lake where the detergent can run into the water.
  5. Use a non-phosphate detergent when washing clothes.
  6. Keep land clearing to a minimum. Revegetate bare areas to minimize erosion to the lake. Roads and paths leading to the lake should be curved to reduce erosion.
  7. Maintain a buffer zone of natural vegetation along the shore to contain erosion and assimilate nutrients before they reach the lake.
  8. Do not use fertilizer near the lake shore. Make it prestigeful to have shore fronts with natural vegetation, rather than green, manicured lawns.
  9. Do not burn brush or leaves near the shore; the nutrients remain behind to be washed into the lake during the first rain. Do not dump leaves or grass clippings in or near the lake. They also add nutrients to the water.
  10. Do not stir up shallow areas in boats. The nutrient-laden bottom sediments can be churned into the overlying water to support increased algae growth.

Remember, a clean lake is a happy lake…Please do your part!

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