Maintaining Septic Systems

What Else Can I Do To Properly Maintain My Septic System?

  1. Do not flush bulky waste into the system. It can plug the tank and/or distribution lines. Paper towels, tissues, feminine products, cigarette butts, hair, etc. belong in the garbage, not the toilet.
  2. Do not flush toxic materials into the system. Paint thinner, gasoline, pesticides, chlorine, drain cleaners and other caustic or toxic substances can kill the naturally-occurring bacteria in the tank and impair its function.
  3. Do not use colored toilet paper. It does not break down as rapidly as white paper.
  4. Minimize or eliminate the use of garbage disposals that grind up waste food. This places a heavy burden on your system.
  5. Conserve water. Invest in flow control shower heads and low flush toilets. Too much water can overload your system.
  6. Direct rain gutters and surface drainages away from leach fields.

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