Boating Rules and Regulations

All Bungay Lake boaters and watercraft must comply with the Boating rules and registration set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Below is only a summary of some of the common boating laws; you are responsible to know and observe all local, state and federal laws. For a copy of the complete watercraft laws contact the Massachusetts Environmental Police at 617-727-8760.

All Boats (Including Personal Watercraft – PWC)
All residents are responsible for informing any guest of all the lake rules and regulations.
Lake Speed limit – Maximum speed for inland waterways is 45 MPH.
No watercraft shall operate above 6 MPH behind the big island, in posted areas and in areas that minimum distances from shoreline cannot be maintained.
Operation in a counterclockwise direction only.
Sail boats, canoes, kayaks, and any watercraft without a motor has the right of way.
Maximum speed – Before 8:00am and after dusk is 6 MPH, proper lighting required. Operating a motor boat without proper working lights and water-skiing/jet-skiing is also prohibited before or after these times.
Minimum Age – No person under 12 years of age may operate a motorboat, unless accompanied on-board and directly supervised by a competent person 18 years of age or older. Personal watercraft (PWC) must be at least 16 years of age in order to operate.
Safety Education Certification – Youth between 12 and 15 years of age must complete an approved basic boating course in order to operate any motorboat without adult supervision. PWC users who are 16 and 17 years of age must also complete the basic course and also an additional class on PWC operation.
The above certificate must be in possession of the certified operator while underway.

Water craft pulling Skiers, Kneeboarders, etc.
A competent observer must be on board at all times. A mirror is NOT a replacement for this requirement.
A clearance of 150 feet must be maintained from the following: Swimmers, Swimming areas, Water skier’s, Mooring area & Shoreline. A speed of 6 MPH or less within this distance.

Safety Equipment
Life preservers are to be worn by: (1) youth less than 12 years of age (2) personal watercraft user (3) water-skiers (4) canoeist/kayakers (Sept 15 to May 15).
A wearable PFD for each person must be on board any boat or craft being towed.
Motor boats towing skiers must also be equipped with a boarding ladder.

Personal Watercraft (323 CMR 4.00 Chapter 90B)
Always operate in a safe and prudent manner
The following are considered negligent operation:
Unreasonable jumping, or attempting to jump, the wake of another vessel;
Following within 150 feet of a water skier, tuber, knee boarder etc.;
Weaving through congested traffic;
Speeding in restricted areas;
Crossing unreasonably close to another vessel;
Towing a water skier or any person in any manner from a personal watercraft;
Operating a personal water craft during the evening.

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