10 Steps to a Healthy Lake

How Do You Measure Up?

  1. Don’t feed your lake: reduce or eliminate lawn fertilizers, and don’t fertilize your lawn unless a soil test says so.
  2. Leave or create at least a 20-30 foot buffer strip at the edge of your lake.
  3. Maintain your septic system
  4. Maintain emergent plants at your water’s edge.
  5. Don’t dump lawn clippings or other waste in your lake or near the shoreline – compost instead.
  6. Leave your shoreline natural, never dump sand or gravel in to form a beach.
  7. Control shoreline erosion.
  8. Learn and observe water laws, regulations and etiquette.
  9. Use natural stone to protect the shoreline.
  10. Respect the property and privacy of others.

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